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VOLUME 3  |  MAY 2023

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Since ChatGPT was released in November 2022, public attention to data science and AI has exploded. What can Public Interest Tech offer our institutions, communities and society at large as we navigate the challenges and opportunities of this moment?

This month, experts from across PIT-UN share insights, frameworks, case studies and resources on how we can teach, learn and apply data science and AI in ways that support community wellbeing and human flourishing.

Plus, we welcome five new PIT-UN members, congratulate the winners of our Career Fair RFP, and announce registration for the 2023 Convening at Boston University.

Students: check out two great opportunities in our Pipeline section below!
Former PIT Fellow Afua Bruce outlines findings and best practices from a recent field scan of data science and AI projects at PIT-UN member institutions.

There is good momentum in both government officials’ and the general public’s understanding of the harms and dangers of AI. But tech entrepreneurs are taking on a new rhetorical strategy that threatens to derail us.  (Suresh Venkatasubramianan, Brown University)

An interdisciplinary cohort of graduate researchers representing Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Europe are helping companies and governments systematically consider the risks and benefits of AI. (Elise St. John, Cal Poly, and Søren Jørgensen, Stanford)

In this Q&A, Renée Cummings (University of Virginia), reflects on a year of speaking engagements with everyone from local school districts to the World Economic Forum, and shares the frameworks that her audiences have found most helpful for understanding data science and AI.

Generative AI has catalyzed a rare degree of intense discussion about university pedagogy and policies. Here's what we've learned as writing and computer science instructors through co-designing a generative AI policy with our students. (Wesley Wildman and Mark Crovella, Boston University)
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Organized around the theme of Partnership for Impact, the 2023 Convening at Boston University will explore how universities can partner with government, companies, universities and community organizations to foster public interest technology, and address modern challenges.

Click here to review Program Tracks, Agenda, and Travel/Lodging information and book your spot.

*Note that PIT-UN Designees and Speakers will register through a link sent directly to your email.
From the Desk of Program Manager Brenda Perea
Welcome to our five new PIT-UN Members, and congratulations to the nine winning applications to our Career Fair RFP! Don't forget, our PIT-UN Quarterly Call is Monday, June 12 from 3 - 4:30 pm EDT.
An innovative program at Georgia State University weds the skills of data literacy with the frameworks and tools of public interest technology. PIT-UN Grantees Mandy Swygart-Hobaugh and Ashley Rockwell created a set of curricular resources  open and available for anyone to use to advance data literacy for the public good.
Boston University and Howard University are seeking paper proposals from undergraduate and graduate students part of American educational institutions and from any disciplines for consideration for presentation at the 2023 Public Interest Technology University Network Convening. Tracks include:

  • Fairness, Ethics, and Bias in Technology
  • PIT Applications in Health, Education, Climate, and more
  • Workforce development for Public Interest Technology
  • Privacy, Data, Surveillance, and Society

Complete the interest form by May 29th, and submit your final paper by August 14th.
Managed by the Partnership for Public Service, the Future Leaders in Public Service Internship Program helps bring diverse young talent to government and offers students the opportunity to apply their educational training to work at a federal agency.
The program is actively recruiting its fall 2023 cohort to join the Department of Transportation, National Science Foundation and the Small Business Administration as paid interns.

Learn more & apply by June 2nd.

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