Signs of hope after a summer of crises
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This summer’s devastating wildfires and heat waves have increased our collective sense of urgency around addressing climate change. Technology has a big role to play here – but how is climate technology being developed? What is its end goal? And, crucially, whose voices, experiences, and priorities will shape it?

In the September 2023 issue of PITUNiverse, you'll find insights from experts in AI, data science, public policy, engineering, and the humanities about the intersections between PIT and climate change.

Plus, we share exciting news about upcoming PIT Career Fairs at nine PIT-UN schools, and the Oct. 12-13 Convening at Boston University!
Researchers and educators across PIT-UN are developing new ways to create technologies that serve the needs of the people and communities most affected by climate change. (Kip Dooley, PIT UNiverse Editor)
A nonprofit startup supported by Cornell Tech is building a global community of public interest technologists applying AI and machine learning to climate change through workshops, a summer school and targeted grants. (Priya Donti and Maria João Sousa, Cornell Tech).

At the Sewanee DataLab, data scientists teach students and faculty from across disciplines how to conduct data-driven research projects, many of which focus on environmental concerns. (Elena Eneva, University of the South).

The industrialized West's "Big Story" about human exceptionalism and the immortal power of technology is coming to an end. What comes next? (Timothy Beale, Case Western Reserve University)

"Our risk analysis efforts support not only the assessment of potential losses; they deliver data, knowledge, and capacities to build adaptation and mitigation plans." (Carlos Genatios, Ph.D., Miami Dade College)
New Report: People with Disabilities Must be Included in Climate Action Planning - Mara Pusic and Trevor Odelberg, University of Michigan

Calling all Employers!
This fall, nine leading universities and colleges across the U.S. are hosting PIT Career Fairs as part of the inaugural PIT Careers Month. The fairs are expected to attract thousands of students and a diverse employer pool.

Employers from private industry, nonprofits and government looking to hire skilled technologists with an understanding of public interest issues are encouraged to contact Career Services members at schools in their region.  
The 2023 PIT-UN Convening at Boston University is just around the corner!

In-person registration is full, but you can still register virtually to watch Keynotes from Dr. Rumman Chowdhury and Professor Danielle Allen, panels on PIT Partnerships with civil society, government, philanthropy, and more. Review the agenda here, and get your virtual ticket here.

From the Desk of Program Manager Brenda Perea
It doesn’t seem possible, but summer is over and our Year 4 2022 Network Challenge grants have hit their midway point. Today, I'm highlighting three grants that are exploring this intersection from Miami Dade College, Rochester Institute of Technology and University of California Santa Cruz.

If you're looking for ways to get involved with the Network, learn about our PIT-UN Working Groups to network and find resources.
The Public Interest Technology (PiTech) Initiative at Cornell Tech curates educational and engagement opportunities for students and practitioners across higher education, civil society, and industry. Our goal is to facilitate technological expertise in service of public needs and to explicitly incorporate public objectives in the pursuit of technical innovation.
Over this past summer, we participated in the Data Justice Academy (DJA) at the University of Virginia, which brings students from historically underrepresented groups in STEM to campus for mentored research, technical skills training, and professional development. (Brandon Lozano and Sanai Browne)
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